Artist Appreciation

Artist Appreciation

By Gigi F

Artist Appreciation

One of our favorite parts of doing what we do is the utterly uniqueness that comes with each and every product we sell. Every product is crafted and touched by human hands and is perfect in its own way. 

Because our artists create everything by hand, every piece has small differences, or birthmarks, that make it special. Whether it’s that the basket weaver was left-handed, the ceramic artist had their wedding band on, or the glass blower was daydreaming, we love imagining the special story that comes with every product. 

Of course, we will always support and foster sustainable practices and methods that allow artists to be paid fair wages, that’s essential to us. But, in addition to that, we love to add a little romance in imagining the lovely story behind every difference in our products. 

We will never be cookie cutter, totally perfect, or mass produced, and we’re very proud of that.


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