Senegal Travel - Pink Lake & Lompoul Desert

Senegal Travel - Pink Lake & Lompoul Desert

By Gigi F

Senegal Travel - Pink Lake & Lompoul Desert

Our second stop in Senegal was:

  • The Pink Lake:

Lake Retba or Lac Rose is located 30 km northeast of the capital city of Dakar. It is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by only a narrow corridor of dunes. It's famous for its pink water and very high salt content, up to 40%. I really enjoyed swimming in it, floating around the lake is a real experience. We spent one night there on our way to St. Louis, rustic but authentic. 

Pink Lake north of Dakar in Senegal
  • Lompoul Desert:

The Desert of Lompoul was one of the highlights of the trip. We only stayed one night and I wished we stayed two. It is an exceptional yet due to oil drilling in the area, is at risk of declining. It is a small desert with orange sand dunes that transport you to the Sahara. We stayed at the Ecolodge Lompoul and we loved it. It is a real oasis sitting in an incredible landscape of dunes. The tents were luxurious and so comfy. We ate couscous under the communal dinner tent at night, listened to Djembe music by the fire and gazed at the shooting stars in the dune, truly magical!

Lompoul Desert at Sunset

Luxurious and comfy tent in the Lompoul Desert

Next stop, Saint Louis!


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