Hostess Gifts

Hostess Gifts

By Gigi F

Hostess Gifts

'Tis the season for so many holiday parties! 

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your host or hostess? We have the most creative gifts and they're sure to appreciate our hand-crafted artisanal products! 

We've compiled our favorite host/hostess gifts below. 


1. Our Small Round Glasses 

Perfect to use with votive candles, give these to the host who loves a good tablescape. 

2. Our Milk Bottle 

Stop by your local grocery store for some fresh blooms. That + our fabulous handblown glass = the perfect hostess gift. 


3. Our glass mug 

Pair our glass mug with a bag of your favorite coffee for the perfect gift for the early bird in your life. 


4. Tiny pots

Our tiny pots are THE perfect gift for the plant parent in your life. Afterall, all plant parents know-- you can never have enough pots. 

4. Our Dakar Basket 

Fill our Dakar basket with chocolates, candy, or ingredients to make your favorite cookie! Everyone loves a cute storage solution and what's inside will make it even more special. 

5. The cutest piggy bank you ever did see! No one can resist our piggy bank and set your host/hostess off right to save for the New Year!


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